Customer Convenience

Assure your extant consumers keep coming back to you by intelligently rewarding them for their desired behavior with loyalty+

Build and manage your loyalty programs just the way you want to.

Customer Loyalty

Citimedia’s powerful Star Loyalty Platform takes the impact a step further by permitting multiple ways to engage customers beyond just purchases and build genuine loyalty that can sustain even the strongest offers and incentives from competitors through smart AI and machine learning algorithms.

Customer Loyalty offers an impactful way to increase repeat purchase rate without discounting or devaluing your brand.

Customer Loyalty provides brands and companies an opportunity to continuously reach out and engage with customers beyond standard marketing strategies.

Robust Customer Loyalty functionality generates a way to seamlessly engage customers and offer rewards through any shopping channel, online, in-store, through an app or with all three together.

Customer Engagement

Understand everything about each of your consumers all at one place, from a consumer’s purchase across channels, their browsing style, desires and loyalty sales.

Loyalty Program Marketing

Our Customer Success Managers offer an unmatched level of expertise to help you create a plan for keeping your loyalty engagement numbers high.

Multi-brand loyalty program Advantage

Have all your brands under one umbrella with multi-brand loyalty programs after being our customer.

Promote cross-shopping by bringing consumers of your sister or partner brands under a single umbrella with a unified or coalition, multi-brand loyalty program.

Organize your loyalty programs across multiple brands, plan event based rewards which lead to loyalty at the right time and ease points reconciliations across stores.

Referral Marketing

Expand brand assistance with enticing referral programs that assist you achieve valuable and loyal consumers.

Boost referrals and customer acquisition by making it easy for customers to earn rewards for referring friends.

Make Experience Memorable

Holistic view of all consumer activity across channels with a ease rich consumer experience.

Go beyond points and vouchers to grant experiential rewards to your revere consumers.

Provide experiential rewards to your best partners.

Customizable Rewards

Escalate program redemption rates by organizing event based triggers that reward consumers at the right time in the purchase cycle.

Reward and retain your outstanding customers to boost your business Make the rewards more enticing for your loyal customers and expand the scope of your program.

Enable completely customisable, tier or points based trade loyalty program.

Ease Reconciliation

Grant consumers to earn and burn rewards across touchpoints but assure your account books endure in sync across stores, franchisees and partners through cryptographic blockchain technology.

Reward Accrual and Redemption

Whenever and wherever consumers negotiate your brand online or offline, allows them to earn and redeem rewards instantaneously.

Your customers can automatically earn rewards when they complete designated loyalty actions and integrated checkout redemption makes it easy for them to redeem their rewards right at checkout.

Mobile Loyalty

Build and manage your loyalty programs easily with a mobile first, automated solution that lets you identify and reward different segments of your consumers in real-time. Increase ease use of loyalty apps and microsites.