Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is used to describe the replacement of repetitive manual marketing processes and tasks with solutions that are automated, especially in regards to e-mail marketing.It nurtures sales prospects with personalized content that is designed to convert them into customers through drip campaigns and nurture campaigns that help educate prospects about your products.

Marketing automation frees marketers from repetitive tasks and helps brands pump up profits, automatically. This means they have space and time to get creative, think more strategically, and deliver more.When manually performing repetitive, routine tasks, human error can get in the way. Marketing automation systemizes activities, processes, and documentation, allowing for a smoother marketing workflow.

One effective use of marketing automation in retaining customers comes in the form of marketing intelligence. It provides relevant insight into customer (both existing and prospective) intent. With this information, more and more companies are able to “predict” customer needs and decisions, enabling them to act accordingly without unnecessary waste of time.