Mobile App

Citimedia Merchant App is marketing automation platform app,where business owners and marketing heads are empowered to plan, execute and monitor different marketing activities through simple clicks. Mobile apps offer seamless experiences with their ability to work Offline and Online. Mobile apps have an added advantage where you can code an app into utilizing various features of a native device. Mobi-apps have their own interfaces that allow users to experience two-way immersive experience. The biggest benefit of mobile apps is that it increases communications between your employees, vendors, and customers by sharing the same resources and place to order, give replies and train about your products and user behavior.

In Mobile App, notifications are received when a user opens an application on their devices. You can send regular updates via Play store, iTunes, and windows store to your app via OTA, keeping it updated at all times with all the latest features and images and product listings. It will also allow you to promote products and services regularly increasing your sales and profits.