Every business can gain a captive audience on Pinterest with the right visual content. Pinterest will introduce your business & blog to a whole new audience. Give people the opportunity to see & understand your passions & interests so it’s easy to follow & connect with you.

Pinterest is a network where people look for inspiration, including specifically seeking out ideas about new products to buy. A Pin is simply an image or video that someone chooses to save to Pinterest. For businesses, more important than the image itself is the link. Every pin links back to the original source, so Pinterest can be a great source of referral traffic.

Pinners can follow your entire account or just the specific boards that interest them most. Then, the Pins you save will appear in their feed. Business accounts offer business-specific features like analytics and the ability to use Pinterest advertising. Promoted Pins are a great way to get your Pins seen by more people, creating new exposure for your brand.