Health Care

The health care industry is one of the most important and significant sectors as almost everyone needs and utilizes health care services. Some of the important factors that they sought after are sales, social media marketing, branding and goodwill. Effective strategies that can improve these aspects would need to be formulated by firms in the health care industry.

Our Solutions

Improve brand image

Citimedia can help health care firms with improving their brand image. This can drive more sales as well as enhance their social media presence significantly. This will also provide a way for them to stand out and distinguish themselves.

Enhance customer relationship management

Citimedia can also offer the enterprise messaging service to health care firms that can be useful for their customers. Messages such as health tips, appointment intimations and medication reminders can be sent. It will significantly improve customer relationship management and also help achieve goodwill.


Citimedia can provide insightful analytics that can help health care service providers in analyzing the competition in the market. Subsequently, they can adopt measures to overcome the competition.


The automobile industry is one of the most profitable industries. The major requirements of this industry are enhancing their online presence and improving their branding. Branding is essential as it forms an identity. It is extremely important for automobile firms to portray themselves as unique and to distinguish themselves from their competitors. This ensures that they survive and sustain in the marketplace.

How can we help?


Competitor analysis is extremely important in this industry. Citimedia can help with gathering intelligence for this purpose. Using this, you can understand and analyze you organizational performance and subsequently adopt measures to improve it further.

Enhancing the brand value/image

Citimedia can also help them with improving your brand image and in enhancing your online presence. It can also assist you with improving the customer relationship management.

Campaigning and promotional services

Citimedia’s services can also be utilized for campaigning or promoting their brand, newly introduced vehicles or products. This plays a major role in enhancing the visibility of the firm.


The media industry is one of the most prominent and significant in any society. They have the potential to reach and target the most number of people. It is extremely important to effectively counter competition as there is an immense increase in the number of entrants in this industry. Being able to distinguish yourself from your competitor is essential in order to sustain in today’s highly competitive environment.

Our solutions


With Citimedia, you can send fast and timely notifications to customers to inform them about updates. Get timely updates to media channels, distributors and media partners about various services.


Citimedia’s analytical services can help you in countering competition effectively. We can provide you with insightful analytics that can help you in understanding the performance of your channel. Through our services, you can augment the performance of your organization by adopting effective strategies that are given by our marketing experts.

Financial services

TFinancial services are integral for an economy to function effectively. Banks, foreign exchange agencies, insurance firms and investment services firms all offer financial services to their customers. The most important aspect for financial services firms is generating sales. Achieving higher sales enables them to achieve higher profits and hence sustain in the market.

Our solutions

Enhanced customer experience

Most financial services organizations today are striving to enhance their customer intimacy. Citimedia brings together deep industry knowledge, innovative service offerings and strategies that can improve customer engagement.

Reliable analytics

Citimedia can also help you by providing reliable analytics according to market changes which would consequently lead to offering better services. This would substantially improve and develop profitable customer relationships and secure new opportunities to stay ahead of competition.

Enterprise messaging service

Citimedia can target financial services firms by offering the enterprise messaging service. This service offering would be extremely beneficial to the customers of various financial services firms. Customers would be able to receive friendly reminders for their purposes through messages. This will help the customers in easily keeping track of their financial products.


As an increased number of people are travelling in the present scenario, aviation firms have gained immense prominence. Aviation firms need to increasingly find new ways to promote themselves as well as continuously promote new services effectively in order to increase their customer base. The competition in this industry has heightened enormously and it has become a challenging task to handle them. Branding and effective promotional efforts are extremely important in this industry.

Our solutions

Portal management

Corporate content is the most significant feature on a company portal. We can develop comprehensive platforms that can meet and exceed your expectations. Customers can utilize these portals and gain better association with you. This will ultimately lead to improved customer satisfaction as well as better ROI for your firm.


Citimedia’s enterprise messaging service can help you in improve your customer engagements. You can send reminders, updates, discount and offers information through our easy to use messaging services.


The retail industry is an ever growing and widespread business in most places. Department stores, supermarkets, general stores and shopping malls are a part of it. In this industry, branding is important to some extent. However, more emphasis is placed on sales. Generating high sales ensures survival and also forms an identity in the market place. As retailers operate and function in highly dynamic environments, they continuously encounter challenges.

How can we help?

Citimedia can help retailers understand the changing trends in consumer behaviour and offer solutions. It can provide in-depth analysis of competition in a certain segment which can enhance their understanding. They can then appropriately adopt measures that can achieve better results. Other benefits that can be attained include addressing strategic and operational challenges, optimizing business performance and improve competitor advantage.

Marketing strategies

Citimedia can provide effective marketing strategies that can help in reinventing or reviving the brand image and value. Marketing plans can also be designed for the purpose of promoting their brand.

Enterprise messagings

Citimedia can provide the enterprise messaging service whereby the customers can be intimated about their offers, sales and discounts.


The manufacturing sector comprises of various segments such as textiles, household appliances, stationary goods, processed food and so on. The most important factors in this industry are branding and sales. Competition is also highly eminent in this industry. Hence, survival amongst businesses is of utmost importance. In order to successfully sustain in the long run, businesses would need to revive their brands on a periodic basis and ensure that their set targets for sales are attained.

Our solutions

Powerful Analytics

Citimedia can gather intelligence that can help the firms in this sector. Through this, they would be able to analyse the competition in the market and accordingly adopt measures to cope with it.

Budget management

Citimedia can offer its marketing suite that can assist in budget management. This is one of the key areas in manufacturing.

Enhance visibility

It can also help them become more visible by launching effective campaigns through successful strategies. This will also improve their social media presence to a great extent.


The hospitality industry is ever growing across the world. It is introducing new services and ways to enhance the customer relationship management on an on-going basis. The hospitality industry mainly comprises of hotels, motels, resorts, restaurants, cafes and travel agencies. In order to overcome competition, organizations are increasingly trying to retain their customers by providing new services that can increase customer satisfaction. Hence, social media marketing and branding are the most vital aspects in this industry.

How can we help?

Marketing strategies

Citimedia can provide effective marketing strategies that can help in reinventing or reviving the brand image and value. Marketing plans can also be designed for the purpose of promoting their brand.

Enterprise messaging

Citimedia can provide the enterprise messaging service whereby the guests would be intimated about their bookings through messages.