Marketing – the most complicated aspect in the most competitive environment. In today’s evolving environment, where the needs are continuously evolving; there is a need for progressive marketing. Gone are the days of traditional marketing. Now, the more innovative and creative you make your marketing efforts, the higher the chances of it becoming a success.

With such fast evolving times and amplified competition, it is imperative that you act fast, are innovative and think “out of the box”. Customers have become the most powerful decision makers so it is integral to reach and exceed their expectations. Targeting the right audience and making an impact is essential when it comes to marketing. Impactful marketing is the key to success; Citimedia can help you attain it.

This is how.

We help you understand your marketing efforts, analyse them and choose the best way to market your products and services better. No matter how exceptional your product or service is, it is the marketing behind it that determines its overall success. Citimedia, a state-of-the-art marketing platform, provides seamless access to all online marketing channels. It can be utilized for any marketing purposes and promotional needs. As a comprehensive platform, it provides innovative solutions that are integrated and easy to implement.

Citimedia – Our marketing platform

Citimedia is a state-of-the-art marketing platform, that provides seamless access to all online marketing channels. It can help you make the best marketing decisions when launching any products and services. It can also assist in campaign planning as well as help you understand the best possible ways to promote your product and services in an impactful way. As a comprehensive platform, it provides innovative solutions that are integrated and easy to implement.

It is even cloud-based so it gives you the flexibility to access it from anywhere and at any time. Another major advantage is that you don’t have to install any applications or programs. You can easily sign up for the plans that are appropriate for your and start working by logging in. Citimedia also offers you a dashboard where you can easily view all the opted services. It is highly customized and integrates all of your services. It provides you with a complete view of the progress as well as provides suggestions on how you can improve your marketing strategies.

Cloud Based

Citimedia is a cloud based platform, which gives you the ease of accessing it from anywhere and at any time. It provides you the flexibility to make decisions regarding your marketing aspects “on the go”.

Online Marketing Platform

Citimedia offers its services through a comprehensive platform that can help and guide you in many ways and also suggest suitable marketing strategies for your organization.

Interactive Dashboard

Citimedia offers you an interactive dashboard that has several options for you to understand the progress of your marketing efforts or any campaigns that you have launched.

Automated SMM

The automated social media marketing service by Citimedia enables you to integrate your social media website accounts. You can now post content on multiple sites at once, which is not only fast and convenient but also saves an ample amount of time.


The Citimedia platform provides you with insightful analytics that provide valuable inferences for your organization. Effective decisions can be made through understanding these insights.

Mobile Marketing

Citimedia provides the enterprise communication service (EMS), which is a cloud-based service and can be used by enterprises to securely send messages to customers, business partners and employees.

Video Marketing

Make your videos more impactful and prominent with Citimedia.We can help you manage your videos effectively on the YouTube channels. We can also create innovative videos for you and post them in various channels to gather customer interest.

Website Management

Citimedia offers a wide range of options that can help you manage your website more effectively. These strategies can help you drive more traffic for your website and also manage it in a more efficient way.

Updates and notifications

The Citimedia platform provides the latest updates and notifications to help you keep yourself up to date with the current market trends. These will prove to be valuable when making critical organizational decisions.

Marketing strategy support

Citimedia provides the best support when developing strategies for your marketing campaigns. Our highly skilled marketing professionals possess in depth understanding of the existing marketing scenario .

Domain services

We can help you in purchasing the best and most appropriate domain name for your business. We also provide website and logo designing services.

Search Optimizationt

Citimedia can make your business more SEO friendly and also assist you with paid search, keyword planning and bid management. We provide the best solutions to enhance your online presence.


We also assist you with launching pay per click campaigns. Our skilled marketing professionals understand your nature of business and product/service lines and promote them in the most relevant and appropriate avenues.

Mobile App Management

Citimedia is also a pioneer in mobile application management. We help you manage your mobile applications in the best possible way so that you receive the best results and increased ROI.

Added Advantage

No installations required

You can easily sign up and register yourself for our services and instantly begin using them.There is no need to install any programs or applications.

Interactive dashboard

We provide you with an interactive dashboard that displays the progress of your campaigns and also the services that you have opted for.


The Citimedia marketing platform provides you with the most powerful analytics that can help you gain valuable insights through which you can make the most effective organizational decisions.

Marketing Activities Management

Citimedia is a hub for all your marketing activities. You can manage, monitor and respond to all your marketing related tasks from one single platform.

Easy to subscribe

The Citimedia platform is extremely user-friendly and easy to use. We also have efficient marketing professionals that can assist you with any queries or concerns that you may have.

Service Representatives

We have the best and highly talented client service representatives that can guide and assist you round the clock with your queries and concerns.

Updates and notifications

Citimedia provides updates and notifications on the latest trends in the market so that you are up to date with the upcoming trends in marketing.

Marketing strategy support

We provide you with the best support for developing marketing strategies. Our exceptional marketing professionals provide you with the best alternatives.

Our Platform

Through Citimedia, it’s not just about connecting; it’s about making each connection count and amplifying your existence in the virtual marketing sphere.