Star Loyalty, a loyalty platform powered by Citimedia that enables merchants to enroll, engage and excite their loyal customers through one-one communication and personalized offers. The intelligent platform automatically draws customer interests, buying behavior and suggests best offers to the merchants. The merchant app can be integrated with POS solutions that support Open API.

The consumer app of Citimedia helps the end-user manage loyalty points that he has accrued across all his brands/merchants. The app lets him know the redeemable gifts, offers from brands/merchants. Equivalent mobile wallet cash against each of his credits from different merchants.

Key Features


One-to-one communication between merchant/brand and consumer across channels.


Merchant dashboard to track key-loyalty metrics.

Merchant Console

Merchant console with consumer buying behavior.


Integration with Open API POS Systems.


Customer checks-into store automatically, and he/she shall be notified of offers basis the proximity.

Loyalty Score

Merchants manage loyalty score attribution centrally.


Complete transparency in the system.