About Us

Citimedia is one of the leading Indian Mark-Tech company with a wide reach across globe. With a novel approach to bring the different types of marketing services and Technology providers to the same page as consumers, Citimedia is bound to become the e-bay for marketing services from different industries execute their marketing campaigns in different parts of the world.

Citimedia enables marketing executives consume the different services and tools provided by different organizations worldwide with seamless access to all online marketing channels. It helps users make the best marketing decisions when launching any products and services. It can also assist in campaign planning as well as help users understand the best possible ways to promote their products and services in an impactful way. As a comprehensive platform, it provides innovative solutions that are integrated and easy to implement.

As a cloud-based platform, it gives users, the flexibility to access it from anywhere and at any time. One can easily sign up for the plans that are appropriate and start working by logging in. Citimedia also offers a dashboard where users can easily view all the opted services. It provides users with a complete view of the progress as well as provides suggestions on how one can improve marketing strategies.